English essay - Pros & Cons of 'Fame'

15. april 2012 at 8:42 | Markéta |  MOJE TVORBA
Nedávno jsem psala další anlgickou slohovku, tentokrát to běžné hodiny angličtiny. Měli jsme napsat o kladech a zápech na určité téma. Vybrala jsem si jako téma 'Slávu'. A říkala, jsem si, že se podělím. Ať je tento blog víc i o mé tvorbě ;-).

I guess that everyone once had a dream of being famous. Probably every kid desires to be famous one day. But as you grow up, you may realize, while watching various celebrities, that fame isn't always what you dream it and that some time it may even have a bad effect on your life. So is it good or bad to become famous?

Let me start with the advantages. People may want to become famous because they have some dream or want to share something with others. Fame may help you with sharing those thoughts and passions with a wide fan base and many more people around. As a famous person, you can also use your fame to help people by donating money and join some campaign to point out on problems, which should be known. If your actions are good, you may be memorized for a long time and people will remember you. On the top of that, famous people have mostly also a lot of money and can afford whatever they want. All things considered, being famous is a great way to make not only yourself, but also many other people feel special.

But there's a dark side as well. For instance you have no personal life. It's almost impossible to have a secret, to walk on the street without being noticed by paparazzi. You have less time for family or friends due to travelling a lot. What is more, there may be a big pressure on you, because of different reasons. It'll come from the press, from fans... And it all causes depresses, even health problems and on the top of that it may end at drug addiction. Finally as a famous person you may be very busy, work too much. Your schedule may become too loaded and you have no break to have a rest. The reality is that you sometimes don't have a time for yourself.

In conclusion, at first fame may seem to be a very bright way of living. I think that if you will hold yourself back and won't fall into the dirty side of showbussines, you may win above the bad side of it. It depends on your personality and strength.

Děkuju za přečtení ;)

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1 valleria valleria | Web | 15. april 2012 at 20:02 | React

Výborně si popsala obě stránky slávy, hezká práce. To děláte povinně? Docela ti závidím, protože já svojí první essay psala nedávno při maturitách na zkoušku a byla jsem z toho dost mimo, jeden mi mohl by říct, že od češtiny to není takový rozdíl, ale já tam takové téma nečekala a neměla jsem ponětí, jak by měl vypadat úvod, co dál a dál, navíc jsem ještě ani neměla dokončeno a už jsem měla přes limit a musela začít mazat :D hrůza.

2 valleria valleria | Web | 15. april 2012 at 20:02 | React

*by mohl říct

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